Here you will find various apps to support your child’s education. Throughout the year apps will be recommended for download on their own tablets and devices at home. Some will be free and some may be at a cost. It is not compulsory to download these apps.


Kids Reading level 1 or level 2

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Price: Purchase both for €2.99


An interactive and educational app developed to assist educators, and parents. Short passages based on various topics. Answers are multiple choice. Suitable for 1st & 2nd classes.


Reading Comprehension

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Price: Free for a trial version. Can purchase full range of reading comprehensions for €3.99. A bundle can also be purchased for €7.99.


A great app for short fiction and non-fiction pieces. Full version has 20 comprehensions with multiple choice answers. If children get the answer wrong they will be directed to the part in the text where the correct answer is.

Level 3- 3rd class, level 4- 4th class, level 5- 5th & 6th classes



Virtual Manipulatives for ipad

Price : Free from the apps store


A great app for comparing fractions, decimals and percentages. Great for finding equivalent fractions. Can also photograph items and see how they can be broken up using the fraction wall.



Know your Ireland for apple ipad.

Price €3.99 in the apps store.


Know Your Ireland is a great game to learn all about Ireland. Learn about the provinces, counties, towns, mountains and rivers of Ireland. There is lots of information on each feature too in the Explore section, with great photos from each county.


Price: Free for a trial version and €0.99 to download further countries.


An excellent interactive app to learn about diffident countries and lands such as the Amazon, Africa and the Arctic. Also great for learning about animal habitats from that country. The app also has a read aloud function if the reader finds the text difficult.