Attendance Policy

Kyle National School – Attendance Policy


The Education Welfare Act 2000 promotes school attendance and Section 17 of the legislation states that it is a statutory obligation on parents to ensure their child attends a recognized school once registered in the school. Furthermore, where a child is absent from the school, the parent is required under the Act to notify the Principal of the school of the reason for the child’s absence. The Act states that the relevant authorities will be informed of pupils who have been absent for twenty school days or more (this includes illness, holidays outside school holidays etc.)


Encouraging Good Attendance


Parents will be reminded in September and June (with school calendar) of the importance of punctuality and regular attendance is school.


Parent will be discouraged from taking holidays during school time and it was agreed that work would not be sent home with children, to do while they are on holiday. Teachers should not do anything to facilitate parents taking children on holidays during school time.


Awards: Smyths Vouchers


€30 – No Day


€20 – 1 day


€10 – 2 days


Role of Parents


Where a child is absent from the school where s/he is registered, the parent of the child if required under the Act to notify the school of the reason for the child’s absence. Letters from parents concerning illness and doctor’s certificates will be kept on file in the school for one year. Parents’ notes re: attendance is also facilitated at back of school journal.


Role of the Principal


To inform the relevant authorities in writing, where a student is absent in excess of twenty school days in a school year, where a student is suspended for a period in excess of 6 school days, where a student’s name is removed from the register or where, in the opinion of the Principal the student is not attending regularly to Informs the Board of Management of school attendance

Communicates to a school, to which a student is transferring any problem relating to school attendance and other appropriate matters relating to the child’s educational progress.

Reports annually to the Parent’s Association on the overall attendance of children in the school.