Health & Safety Statement

Health & Safety Statement

 Kyle National School

Health and Safety Statement


  • Safety Statement
  • School Environment
  • Health Awareness
  • Accidents
  • Procedures for Disclosures / Suspicions of Abuse
  • Fire Drill Instructions.


  1. To maintain a safe and secure environment for pupils and staff within the boundaries of the school.
  2. To conform to the most recent guidelines as laid down by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989
  3. This policy requires the co-operation of all employees.
  4. It is our intention to undertake regular reviews of the statement in light of experience, changes in legal requirements and operational changes.
  5. All records of accidents or ill-health will be monitored in order to ensure that any safety measures required can be put in place, wherever possible, to minimize the recurrence of such accidents and causes of ill-health.
  6. When a child who needs to be lifted is enrolled in the school, suitable support services must be provided.



It is the policy of the Board of Management of Kyle National School

to consult with staff in the preparation and completion of the Health and Safety Statement and of Hazard control forms.

A  copy of the safety statement  will be readily available to all parents and will be brought to the attention ofof all present and future staff.

that any additional information or instructions regarding Health, Safety and Welfare at work not contained in the document will be conveyed to all staff as it becomes available.

that Health, Safety and welfare will form an integral part of any future staff training and development plans.

Safety Statement


The Board of Management if Kyle N.S. recognizes the importance of the Legislation in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989.

This Safety Statement sets out the Safety Policy of the Board of Management of Kyle N.S. and sets out the means to achieve that policy. The Board of Management’s objective is to endeavour to provide s safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and pupils and to meet our duties to members of the public with whom we come in contact.

 This Policy requires the co-operation of all employees 

It is our intention to undertake regular reviews of the statement in light of experience, changes in legal requirements and operational changes.


Signed: ___________________________________________

          Chairperson, Board of Management.


The Board of Management in consultation with the employees will review and make recommendations for the elimination of hazards.

Hazards that can be rectified or minimized will be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Those that cannot will be clearly indicated and appropriate procedures listed beside them.


  1. 1.     Fire

It is the policy of the board of  Management  of Kyle National School that:

  • There is an adequate supply of fire extinguishers which will deal with any type of fire.
  • All fire equipment is identified and regularly serviced.
  • Regular fire drills take place at least once a term.
  • Instruction is given in the use of fire Extinguishers for specific materials/equipment
  • Fire alarms are clearly marked
  • Signs will be clearly visible to ensure visitors are aware of exit doors.
  • All electrical equipment be unplugged or turned off outside office hours and when offices are vacated for lenghtly periods.
  • An assembly area is designated outside the school building
  • Those leaving building/classrooms  should let someone know.
  • Exit signs are clearly marked.
  • There will be a named person in each unit responsible for fire drills and evacuation procedures (in Kyle N.S. Dan Linehan)
  • The school equipment will be checked by a fire officer and all recommendations made by him/her will be implemented.
  • Shed with machinery/supplies will be locked and cleaning closet will be locked.
  • Parents are asked to take adequate care when collecting children and parking cars.


  • Electrical fittings, windows opening out at head level.
  • Storage, maintenance and appropriate use of  P.E equipment will be adequately documented (reference Dan Linehan and Liam Ó Drioma)
  • Individual classrooms, sockets and lights.
  • Hallway condensation, slippy floor surface, protruding units such as coat rails etc.
  • Toilets, water, towel, floors, cleaning policy etc.
  • Ice on steps and tarmacadam.
  • Trailing leads.
  • Leaves on paths.
  • Outside tap.
  • Gate to field.
  • Protruding units.



  1. 1.     Machinery, Kitchen equipment and Electrical Appliances

It is the policy of the board of Management of Kyle National School that: Electrical appliances are used only by competent persons . In the event of students operating electricial equipment eg. During cooking lessons, they will do so under adult supervision.

  1. 2.     Chemicals

It is the policy of the Board of Management of Kyle National School that all chemicals, detergents etc. be stored out of reach of children in a locked press.

  1. 3.     Polishing Wet Floors

It is the policy of the Board of Management of Kyle National School that washing and polishing floors is conducted after school hours.


  1. 4.     The Code of discipline

The code of discipline in the school provided for a level of behaviour to minimize personal risk or stress to anyone.


There will be an adequate supply of properly equipped First Aid Boxes available at all times to staff which will contain:

Elastoplast                                         Cotton bandages

Wasp eze                                           Burn eze

Tape                                                  Antiseptic wipes

Ice packs will be kept in the fridge

Savlon Antiseptic disinfectant            

Disposable gloves which must be used at all times when administering First Aid.

Health Promoting School

Kyle N.S. is actively taking part in the Health Promoting Schools initiative and Active schools.

We continuously promote

  • Healthy lunches , with specific days for fruit and vegetables
  • Sport and Exercise (Weekly P.E. Lessons, Sciath na Scol, Cork City Sports, Dance and Swimming lessons are catered for)
  • Active Schools Week
  • Nutrition and Cookery classes are held all with the purpose of education children about healthy food choices and how to prepare same
  • Glass bottles  are banned
  • Eating or using of chewing gum is forbidden.
  • Personal hygiene issues – refer to S.P.H.E. lesson.
  • Parents are alerted when appropriate (and possible) in relation to areas of concern e.g. head lice.
  • The school co-operates with external Health Awareness personnel in promoting health Public Health Nurse
  • Parents are requested to inform the school concerning infectious or contagious conditions their children may have eg. Impetigo/ chicken pox
  • Policies dealing with countering both bullying and abuse are in place.
  • Kyle N.S. is a Smoke Free Zone in compliance with legislation governing public buildings and smoking in the workplace.



  • Minor accidents / gauzes / scrapes are dealt with by the class teacher or by the teacher on yard duty.
  • Parents are contacted when it is deemed necessary.
  • An Incident Report Form is filled and filed in the office
  • In the case of a serious accident, immediate medical attention will be sought and parents will be contacted as soon as possible.
  • First Aid boxes are located in the Staff Room.
  • Emergency Phone Numbers are:      Emergency: 999  or 112
  • Dr. Morehan,   (024) 95109…..           Gardai  (024) 92200


This policy has operated since September 2009. It was reviewed by the staff on May 24th 2011. It was revised and ratified by the B.O.M. in April 2013

Signed: __________________(Chairperson of the Board) Date: _____________


              _________________ ( Principal) Date: __________________________